Correct Diagnosis for certain ailments relating to Cancer.

When someone receives a diagnosis from their medical professional relating to cancer, the effects of this can be both traumatic and difficult for the individual patient, with the key issues being timely, and proper symptom recognition and subsequent diagnosis.

Sometimes failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, or delay in diagnosis can have a very serious impact on the individual patient.  The question of causation, or the avoidance of severity of the symptoms, and the development of the disease could have been avoided.

Therefore, it is very important that medical professionals recognise symptom patterns, and make the necessary diagnosis according to the condition specific symptoms relative to a specific type of cancer.

For correct diagnosis to occur this requires proper testing, be it by means of a physical examination, chest x-ray or blood tests, or some other suitable method.

A number of institutions have developed protocols and guidelines and those followed in the United Kingdom are guidelines such as the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E.), The Royal College of General Practitioners Guidelines, and The Commission for Health and Improvement.

The N.I.C.E.  guidelines seek to assist medical professionals in establishing  and identifying symptoms, signs and risk factors relevant to the initial assessment, and then providing guidelines for the processes to be followed by healthcare professionals in reaching an initial diagnosis.

Any medical professional who does not follow the guidelines, or acts in contravention to the guidelines applicable to that particular area of medical practice, may find it very difficult to establish a meaningful defence in any subsequent medical negligence matter.  Particularly when a patient has suffered injury, loss or damage or unnecessary pain and suffering arising from the delay in diagnosis, or failure/misdiagnosis of any of the standard cancers.

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