Have you suffered an injury as a result of a Road Traffic Accident?
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Personal Injuries is one of the main practice areas at Carter Anhold & Co, and we have a number of Personal Injury Solicitors at your disposal who are ready to deal with any of your queries in Sligo and Dublin.

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Donnacha Anhold, Principal of Carter Anhold Solicitors & Co, talks about Personal Injuries and steps you need to take if you are involved in a personal injury claim.

Do I have a claim?

Firstly, you must have suffered an actual injury be it physical or psychological.
In order to ground a successful claim or action you must be able to establish causation and negligence amongst other criteria. In order to be successful in a claim against another party, you must be able to prove that they have caused the injury to you, and that their actions or omissions were negligent, in that they had a duty of care toward you and there was a breach of that duty of care.

What do we do after we take your instructions?

The first thing we will do is assess your claim for you, to see if you are within the necessary time limits, or if your claim can be submitted within the required time limits, and advise you on your options. Should you instruct us to proceed, we can then write the initial letter of claim to the person(s) or party/parties who you believe have caused you the injury and perhaps to their insurers.

Following on from the response we get, we will take your further instructions on the way in which you wish us to proceed, to either make efforts on your behalf to settle your case, should it reflect your best interests, or to lodge an application with the Personal Injuries Assessment Board.

The majority of Personal Injury Cases settle, and you are always free to exercise this option without the need for going to Court. However, it is also often the situation that you have no option but go to Court and fight your case, if the other party or parties do not wish to settle with you.

Settlement however can be achieved at any point right up to the beginning of a Court hearing.

What are you entitled to claim for?

You are entitled to claim compensation for “pain and suffering” and you are also entitled to claim for your loss of earnings. So, if you have been out of work and have been at a loss of income due to the injury that a person/party has caused you can claim for this loss. You are also entitled to claim for your out of pocket expenses including medical expenses etc.

What is The Personal Injuries Assessment Board ?

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board, now known as The Injuries Board is a state body that you are required to submit your personal injuries case or application to, as all Personal injuries cases (with the exception of medical negligence cases) must first be submitted to the Injuries Board. Although you are free to file the Form A with the Injuries Board yourself, it is a document that can be read out in Court, and that you can be cross examined on, should you be required to fight your case in Court. Therefore, it is important that the Form A is filled out and submitted correctly so that it properly reflects your circumstances and your best interests.

It is only after the Injuries board has either assessed your claim, or there is not consent to an assessment, or the injuries board feel your claim cannot be assessed, that you will be given authority to take legal proceedings.

Once you take legal proceedings it is very important to you that you have an experienced Solicitor acting for you to manage and represent you in your Personal Injuries Case.

“In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.”

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Carter Anhold & Co., Defamation Solicitors in Sligo acted for me in a very serious and damaging Defamation Case that brought me a lot of embarrassment and worry at the time.  I am very thankful to Carter Anhold & Co., Defamation Solicitors for the very professional manner in which they achieved the settlement of my defamation case which meant I did not have to go through the full Court process.
A very sensitive and harrowing matter for me was dealt in a very comforting, careful and professional way and I thank everyone at Carter Anhold & Co., Defamation Solicitors in Sligo and Dublin for always being there when I needed their help, for keeping me updated and informing me at all times in bringing my matter to a successful conclusion.  
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