The Law of Defamation

The Law of Defamation allows an individual to protect, restore and vindicate the integrity of his or her good name where it may have come under unjust attack.

Carter Anhold Defamation Solicitors Sligo & Dublin have a number of Solicitors that can deal with any defamation query that you may have. We also have a vast amount of experience in the area of Defamation Litigation, and our Solicitors have represented clients in the past in ground breaking cases that have helped to shape the law in that particular area.

The individuals rights to a good name is a right provided for under the constitution and with the passing of The Defamation Act 2009, the law of Defamation has changed significantly to provide for the tort of Defamation which occurs through the medium of a defamatory statement.

A defamatory statement is one which tends to injure a person’s reputation in the eyes of reasonable members of society.

The previous torts of Libel and Slander have now been replaced by one consolidated tort of defamation.

As the majority of Defamation cases in this country are cases brought against a media enterprise, often these type of defamation cases require a careful balancing of the media right to freedom of expression and individual’s right to protect or vindicate their good name from unjust attack.

A party who needs to defend a Defamation action can avail of the defences of Privilege, Innocent Publication, Fair and Reasonable Publication, Honest Opinion and the Defence of Consent.

Some of the Remedies available to a successful party are:

  • A correction order
  • An order prohibiting publication
  • Damages

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